Welcome to our Grossmont High School class of 1964 web site. Right now it's in a simple form so it works on everyone's PC or Mac. It's a place for everyone to share stuff about our class, fellow foothillers, and each other. The important thing is that THIS SITE IS FOR EVERYONE!!

We want this to be a place where we can catch up on what's been happening, stay in touch, and just share stuff — sorta like when we would hang out with friends, or eat lunch on the quad, or see others around school or in classes, or go to dances and football games, or cruise Oscar's and Burger House, or just go to the beach and lay in the sun or maybe pretend we were great surfers.

Here's some of the things we've got going now and other ideas in the works:

  • Class Pictures: Click here to see our senior pictures plus lots more from our '64 yearbook (click page images to enlarge).
  • 50th Reunion - Saturday, September 13th, 2014... SUCH FUN!!
    What a joyous 50 Year Reunion we had Saturday, 13, 2014 in the Aviary Ballroom at the Catamaran!! The weather was warm and balmy and, by all accounts, all 154 attendees had a fantastic time talking, laughing, listening to 60’s music, seeing old friends, and swapping stories (true and otherwise). The happiness and energy was incredible.

    Seventeen tables were lovingly decorated with Grossmont-themed settings -- plus, lavish “Memorabilia Tables” created by Kathy (Ziegler) Shedd and her team. Classmates also milled around our “In Memoriam Table,” featuring our “Gone But Not Forgotten” Classmates, collected by Jody (Baumgaertel) Catlin and her team. Throughout the night, DJ Mike Farmer (whom we highly recommend) treated us to music from our era. Bio Books were formatted by Jody and her team for each classmate and printed by Economy Crafted Printing owner Bobby Ursillo (recommended by our own Mike and Terry Mendoza). Two “Door Prize Tables,” replete with 31 different elegant prizes, were solicited, along with ads for the Bio Book by Marsha (Collis) Shea and her team, which included Pat (Diaz) Messina, who hosted a Door Prize Basket-Making Party. Classmates marveled at a large screen with Gedimin Bulat’s incredible two hour video-photo montage, available here in Flash format (Disk1 and Disk2). Sam Sutherland entertained us all with his Trivia Question extravaganza with prizes. We were also treated to a surprise speech by Luther Burney, who presented large framed rubbings, which he personally made at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC, of classmates who gave their lives in service to our country. Luther is presenting this framed tribute to our Grossmont Museum on behalf of the Classes of ’64 and ’68. Luther also provided us with a personal video greeting, to our class and our 50th reunion, by Astronaut Robert Springer directly from Kennedy Space Center the week before. Click here for this greeting from astronaut Robert Springer. Please email your photos of the reunion and any pre or post reunion events to Ged Bulat at gbulat@cox.net. Also let him know if you have any videos.
    In the weeks to come, Ged will put together a web album (like our senior year book) with a link.

    In addition to the reunion, we had a Beach Walk the next morning, followed by a Catamaran Brunch. Several groups of people also had their own pre-reunion and post-reunion get-togethers.

    Many thanks to our tireless Reunion Chairs and to our Full Committee of nineteen who, over many months, generously worked and shared expertise and spirit to make our spectacular event a reality. Our four Committee chairs [Jody (Baumgaertel) Catlin, Bill Hoffman, Kathy (Ziegler) Shedd, and Carol (Suggs) Ambrosia]
    were joined at-the-hip these last eighteen months, and we all treasure our joyous journey and our close and constructive compatibility. All the committee members really stepped up to the plate; sometimes serving on more than one committee, and providing plenty of ideas and lots of good work. Along with our email blasts and our web site communiqués, engineered by our webmaster, Bill Hoffman, we also divided up our "mailing list" amongst committee members who communicated follow-up emails.

    More thanks to all our wonderful classmates and guests who attended and sent in your Bios and photos to help create our memorable Bio Book. So that we may share our magnificent event with all of our classmates, our Webmaster, Bill Hoffman, in collaboration with our Video-Photo Montage genius creator (and soon to be lead webmaster of this site), Gedimin Bulat, will upload to this very site, not only the DVD Ged created for the reunion, but also, the photos and videos taken at the actual event. Several of our classmates contributed to these treasures, as well.

    In addition, Carol (Suggs) Ambrosia organized our Class Gifts contributions (Class of '64 Blue Bench, Clock Plaque, Tile), in coordination with Connie and Lynn Baer, of our Grossmont Museum. We enjoyed our several visits to the Museum and Connie and Lynn were very supportive. We were pleased to donate any extra contributions for our gifts to the Museum.

    While we are basking still in the joyous glow of having spent such a delightful time with our classmates, there is already talk about another get together next year. More rousing cheers to all of our Classmates of the mighty Class of ’64! Yay!!
  • Links to GHS and Other Class Sites: Only a few other classes have their own sites. Click here for GHS District's site. At those sites you can find info on current events and activities, other classes and alumni, and lots of other stuff. Click here to see GHS and our class of '64 on Wikipedia.
  • GHS Museum: Chock full of memories from Grossmont High's 93+ year history. Click here for more information.
  • Links to San Diego News and WebCams: Here's some links for those of you who live else: San Diego Union Newspaper, Channel 8 TV, Channel 10 TV, Zoo and beach web cams, Downtown San Diego web cams, & local mountains web cams.

Email Addresses:
Below are email addresses (and web sites) provided by our classmates. They are sorted by first name. Phone numbers are shown, with permission, if no email address is available. Our wonderfully rich mix of classmates includes everyone who received their diploma from Grossmont High School in '64 at the formal commencement, everyone who transferred to another high school prior to graduation but feels they are part of our class, everyone who was normally part of our class but graduated before or after formal commencement, everyone who left for any other reasons, and everyone in a class before or after us who felt they were part of our class.

  1. Adam Lewis: aalewis@earthlink.net
  2. Adrienne Chevalier-Adams: achevalieradams@yahoo.com
  3. Alex Trepte: alex.trepte@gmail.com
  4. Allan Mounts: allan.mounts@gmail.com
  5. Alison Blackwood: GramaAlison@aol.com
  6. Andrea Patterson-Nelson: andreanelson@cableone.net
  7. Andy Yatsko: scislandarchy@gmail.com
  8. Ann Dallke-Baehren: bluebear@direcway.com
  9. Anna Guest-Beal: annanbob@hotmail.com
  10. Barbara Sparks-Hinkle: barbhinkle@cox.net
  11. Barry Cheskaty: bcheskaty@francisparker.org
  12. Beverly Barbour: beverly@redhauteandco.com
  13. Bill Harvey: wjh0727@comcast.net
  14. Bill Hoffman: bill@billhoffman.com ( BillHoffman.com/net, MountHelixRealty.com, SanDiegoPropertyPros.com)
  15. Bob Bassett: bobnvicki@sbcglobal.net
  16. Bob Imig: bobimig@sbcglobal.net
  17. Bob Lamorandier: lamoran2@hughes.net
  18. Bob Petty: rlpetty@mac.com
  19. Bryan Cheney: bryan_cheney@milton.edu
  20. Carol King-Romero: romerorc@fone.net
  21. Carol Murphy-Sawade ('67): casawade@cox.net
  22. Carol Smith-Higgins: bchiggin@earthlink.net
  23. Carol Suggs-Ambrosia: gcambrosia@cox.net
  24. Carol Thomas Gilbertson:carolgilbertson@gmail.com
  25. Carole Wise Wolf: cwintex@yahoo.com
  26. Carol Ziegler-Renwick: carenwick@att.net
  27. Carroll Ann Jackson-Kimsey: grannyk47@cableone.net
  28. Charles Norris: cbnorris@cox.net
  29. Chris Loveberg Montgomery: cmontgomery885@aol.com
  30. Chris Sutton: chris2sutton@yahoo.com
  31. Christine Rosengren Tuton: Dccr64@peoplepc.com
  32. Charlie Leonard-Branchaud: cmlb47@verizon.net
  33. Cheryl (Mortenson) Cerasoli: cacera333@gmail.com
  34. Chuck Gizoni: gizoni4@pacbell.net
  35. Cindy Beery-Hasselbach: cindyhass@juno.com
  36. Cindy Lyle Oyarzun: lylecindy@gmail.com
  37. Claudia Roberts: ClaudiaEleven@cox.net
  38. Connie R. Ross: connietom@earthlink.net
  39. Cort Casady: cortcasady@aol.com
  40. Danielle Lundmark-Andrews: dandrews13@cox.net
  41. Darryl Goddard: LeoLefty@aol.com (Graduation picture - wasn't in our album)
  42. David Dillon: dillond@nehalemtel.net
  43. DeEtta Clark: deetta1209@yahoo.com
  44. Deirdre Webster-Poeltler: dpoeltler@mac.com
  45. Dennis Bond: elcajongunrunner@bigfoot.com
  46. Dennis Haberkamp: dhaberkamp@charter.net
  47. Diane Cutler: chezharris@cox.net
  48. Diane Hasti-West: dcwest99@yahoo.com (home) dwest@capecod.edu (work)
  49. Diane Jean O'Neil-Wilson: MLD1946@netzero.net
  50. Diana Thompkins-Blake: tomanddiana@cox.net
  51. Dianne Mentzer-Porinsh: dianneporinsh@cox.net
  52. Donald Continelli: djcont@aol.com
  53. Donald Heller: donhellersd@cox.net
  54. Donald Schulz: schulzdon@aol.com
  55. Donn Renwick: drdrenwick@att.net
  56. Donna Alford-Meyer: dmeyer5903@sbcglobal.net
  57. Donna MacIver-Sanfilippo: sdreo@earthlink.net
  58. Donna Fowler (Sick): mahoneysgp@aol.com
  59. Dorothye Christie-Hattich: dothattich@msn.com
  60. Douglas Weber: doug.weber@prodigy.net
  61. Ed Levi: ed.levi@gmail.com
  62. Edward Bollheimer: eddie2646@yahoo.com
  63. Elizabeth ("Betsy") Kates Mylroie: rosewoodfarm@verizon.net
  64. Frank Maguire, Jr: Maguire43@msn.com
  65. Gary Ford: garyfford2004@yahoo.com
  66. Gary Guglielmetti (Redman): Gary@redmancj.com (Redmancj.com)
  67. Gedimin Bulat: gbulat@cox.net
  68. Gene Engel: eeengel@cox.net
  69. Gene Kennedy: gene@genekennedy.com (genekennedy.com)
  70. George Hoff: george_a_hoff@hotmail.com
  71. George Kennedy: gkennedy@bfsa-ca.com (bfsa-ca.com)
  72. George Parkinson: gandlparkinson@cox.net
  73. George Rowley: georgerowley@hotmail.com
  74. Geraldine ("Gerry") Bennett-Demaris: Gdemaris@gmail.com
  75. Ginger ("Virginia") Stannah-Fraser: gingerdnb@yahoo.com
  76. Grace Hanggi-Noe: hanggi.noe@cox.net
  77. Greg Clark: Clarklsde@hotmail.com
  78. Greg Jensen: Greg@EfxShop.com (EfxShop.com)
  79. Grethe Smith-Jorgensen: gsmith1968@q.com
  80. Hyatt Baker:hjbakery@verizon.net
  81. Jack Colnot: jcolnot@ourfallensoldier.com (OurFallenSoldier.com )
  82. Jack Hemphill: (619) 443-1843
  83. Jack ("Pinkie") Spence: jms8ref@nts-online.net
  84. James Kerr: Jkhookup@earthlink.net
  85. James Moore, Jr.: jjrmoore@gmail.com
  86. Jamie Pursley-Vik: (760) 352-0020
  87. Jan Hughes: jhbio@comcast.net
  88. Jane ("Janie") Lawrence: janella1066@gmail.com
  89. Janet Albin-Mika: janetmika@gmail.com
  90. Janet De Santi-Drummond: taxbusiness@cox.net
  91. Janet Dymalski-Samson: jansam3374@yahoo.com
  92. Janet Bodine-Madden: jmmadden@sbcglobal.net
  93. Janet Smith: jslowrey619@cox.net
  94. Janey Jupin-Sherry: jsherry@san.rr.com
  95. Jeanie Faulkner-Brennan: jeaniebrennan@aol.com
  96. Jeanie Montgomery-Lynch: jeanielynch8@gmail.com
  97. Jeffrey Nelson: jnelson181@gmail.com
  98. Jill Leland-Eshenbaugh: jeshenba@telebyte.net
  99. Jim Dowd: jdowd@ci.roseburg.or.us
  100. Jim Erwin: event@nethere.com
  101. Jim Kitchen: jim.kitchen@edwards.af.mil
  102. Jim Moore: parkermoore@sbcglobal.net (ParkerMooreFineArts.com)
  103. Jim Murphy: jmurphy973@verizon.net
  104. Joanne Northway-Demmer: JMDemmer@cox.net
  105. Jody Baumgaertel-Catlin: jodyccats3@cox.net
  106. Joel Waldron: jhw97470@hotmail.com
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  114. Judy Halleib-Ketner: judy.ketner@gmail.com
  115. Judi Podsednik-Bergfield: bergfi@comcast.net
  116. Karen Coulthard ('63 and sister of John Coulthard '64): kcoultha@sdcoe.k12.ca.us
  117. Karen Keimig-Warner: kwarner@palomar.edu
  118. Karen Wasterlain-Linton: klinton@tds.net
  119. Katy (Rennie)Vandenboschy: renniespoodles@gmail.com
  120. Kathy Dwyer-Malcolm: kmalcolm@gte.net
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  122. Kathy Ziegler-Shedd: kathries@cox.net
  123. Kathleen McCarthy-Bonner: kbonner6@juno.com
  124. Ken Goddard: ken_goddard@fws.gov (www.lab.fws.gov and www.KenGoddardBooks.com)
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  127. Kristan Kelimoff-Peterson:krispeterson@san.rr.com
  128. Kurt Karlsgodt: kkarlsgodt@stonecreekcompany.com
  129. Larry Adams ('63 and husband of Adrienne Chevalier '64): lare329@yahoo.com
  130. Larry Mason: lmason@HungryProgrammer.com (HungryProgrammer.com and blog http://jroller.com/page/glmason )
  131. Larry Ross: sandyross2@cox.net
  132. Lee Reese: leeandliz@aol.com
  133. Linda Butts: lindabutts@cox.net
  134. Linda Bratton-Elsperman: lindy970@gmail.com
  135. Linda Roth-Brown: ucladad@aol.com
  136. Linda Trueax-Zwarg: zpatina1@comcast.net
  137. Linny Sarnecki-Phillips: Brdlvrsd46@cox.net
  138. Lonnie Rowell: lrowell@sandiego.edu
  139. Luther Burney: luther@lburney.com (LutherBurney.com)
  140. Lynn Parker-McIntosh: lynnmcntsh@cs.com
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Requests for Contact and Privacy Policy: lf you would like to contact a former classmate, who's email address is not listed on this site, you can email a request to me, Bill Hoffman. I will send you ("requestor") an email confirming I received your request and I will post the name of the person you are requesting ("requestee") on the "Contact Requests" list below. I will not post any other information (requestor's name, nature of the request, contents of the email, etc). If the requestee contacts me, or if I privately know their email address, I will forward the requestor's email to the requestee. I will delete the requestee's name from the Contact Requests list as soon as the requestee lets me know they received my forwarded email. I will not provide the requestor with the email or any other information about the requestee. It will then be up to the requestee to contact the requestor and provide any such information. I will treat the the requestor's and requestee's emails as private and confidential. My apologies if this is cumbersome. The goal is privacy for both parties. If anyone else can think of a less cumbersome but equally private procedure, please let me know.

Contact Requests:
  1. Anne Tanonis
  2. Bill (William) Jefferds
  3. Bobby Joe Green
  4. Butch Brooks
  5. Cheryl Sande Lord
  6. Debbie Debold ('63)
  7. Debra Edison (was in the Red Robe Choir)
  8. Greg Bucknam
  9. Joann Berland
  10. Joe Donahue
  11. Joe Mayo
  12. Karen Anderson
  13. Karen Kallusch Singer
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  21. Susan Barstow
  22. Susan Hatch

Gone But Not Forgotten Friends:

  1. Amalia Villani
  2. Brian Ahrens
  3. Charles Manley
  4. Carolyn Izor
  5. Carl Braun III (memorial page)
  6. Christine Bailey Potts
  7. Dale Burdick Ingersoll (see www.yogawithdale.com )
  8. David Lones
  9. Dirk Clodfelter
  10. Don Hubler (our choir teacher)
  11. Don Payne
  12. Edward Bollheime
  13. Fred Helm
  14. Gary Higgins
  15. Henry Howard
  16. Hugh Collins
  17. James Simmons
  18. Joan Catherine Metzger Harding
  19. Joe Castro
  20. John Mika (Janet Albin Mika's husband) (memorial page)
  21. John Ross Lydia Taylor
  22. Kathleen Jeffreys Simpson
  23. Kathleen Kerr Hodgetts
  24. Larry Phelps
  25. Linda Cramp Brown
  26. Louis Kraft
  27. Marcia Banke Thomas
  28. Margaret McNie
  29. Marilyn Brain - Pierce
  30. Michael Ciborowski (contact is son Jeffery M Ciborowski, class of 1986, jeffski4@cox.net)
  31. Pat (Patti) Smith
  32. Sheila Mize
  33. Steve Glasson
  34. Susan (Sue) Blake-Salvatore (memorial page)
  35. SueAnn Siner-Macomber
  36. Thomas Hahn
  37. Toni Janet Dombroski-Joyce
  38. Warren (Mike) Courts (memorial page)
  39. C. William (Bill) Wendt

"dum loquimur, fugerit invida aetas: carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero."
(Even while we speak, envious time has passed: pluck the day, putting as little trust as possible in tomorrow.)
Horace (65-8 BC) Ode I-XI



50th Reunion - Saturday, September 13th, 2014
We've booked the beautiful Catamaran Resort on Mission Bay (Aviary Ballroom) for Saturday, September 13th, 2014!! This is right after schools start, tourists are gone, and the weather's usually the best. The Aviary is the premium second floor ballroom overlooking Mission Bay, with steps leading right down to the beach. The Catamaran is the perfect tropical beach venue for our special 50th. Click here for the Catamaran's site. More details will be posted on the site and go out in emails during the months ahead.

40th Reunion - October 30, 2004: Our 40th year reunion at the Hilton was GREAT! Totally packed -- with lots of conversation and fun seeing old friends. The women were still beautiful (of course!) and the men still handsome and dashing.
Click here to see video. Click here to see galleries/slide shows of pictures.Your 40th reunion volunteer committee members: Sue Siner-Macomber, Kathy Ziegler-Ries, Janet DeSanti-Drummond, Carol Suggs-Ambrosia,Janet Bodine-Madden, Bill Hoffman (web site), and Luther Burney (Hawaii stylin' consultant). Booklet available soon.

30th Reunion: Click here to see booklet.

20th Reunion: Click here to see booklet.

10th Reunion: Click here to see booklet.

We're looking for memorabilia pictures you might want to share. So far, we've gotten some great pictures from classmates who are getting into the spirit and sharing (cheers for their bravery and efforts!). Click here to see galleries/slide shows of their pictures.

Now we need pictures from the rest of you. Remember, our site is for everyone -- so the more pictures we get, the richer our site will be! There were about 550 of us in our class, so it would be really far-fetched to think that only a handful of us took interesting pictures since our freshman year at GHS. Pictures can be from the reunion, of you and yours then or now, significant events in your life, from our days at GHS, or anything else you'd like to share. Don't be shy. Don't be selfish. Your friends and classmates would enjoy sharing your memories.

No digital prints? No excuse! Most drug stores, Walmart, and Costco can easily convert prints to digital (JPG format) and put them on a CD at very little cost. Then, all you have to do is pop the CD in your PC and email your newly digitized pictures. As an added bonus, you'll be able to make prints from your CD if your originals are lost or damaged. Please try to keep the size, of each picture you send, around 800 x 600 pixels -- and please don't send more than 5 mgs of pictures in each email or your email will bounce. Now gather your pictures and click here to send them!

Class Yearbook: Click here to see many of the pages from our '64 yearbook.(Click on the images to enlarge them.)

Concert Band Album: Tony Johnson, our classmate and Sandi and the Accents drummer, has provided us with Grossmont Concert Band's 1964 album!. Click here to access it. Much thanks to Tony!

Christmas Pageant History: Classmate David Dillon discovered a very interesting report on the history of our Christmas Pagent. Published in 2003 by Professsor Dunlop at the University of Missouri, it has lots of facts, trivia, and pithy comments. Click
here to see it. Much thanks to David for forwarding it and to Dr. Dunlop for writing it!

Lemon Avenue School Classmates
Click here for a picture of the "kids" from Lemon Avenue School who graduated from Grossmont in 1964 and who were at the 40th Reunion.

History of GHS:
Click here to view the page. Content is courtesy of Class of '55's page and other sources.


September 25, 2010 GHS 90th Birthday - Saturday September 25, 2010 (10:00 AM)
Grossmont High hosted a 90th anniversary celebration, all class reunion, and community picnic in the quad, on Saturday, September 25, 2010, from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

45th Get Together - Sunday June 21, 2009 (2:00 PM)
Kathy (Ziegler) and her husband Ron Shedd generously invited everyone to their beautiful Poway home to celebrate the 45 years since we left the "halls" of Grossmont. The party was a great success. Perfect weather; relaxed atmosphere; delicious food; and lots of good stories, hugs, and handshakes. THANK YOU KATHY AND RON!! .

60th Birthday Party in San Diego- October 14, 2006 (5:00 to 8:00 PM)
It's official...we had our 60th birthday get-together on Saturday October 14!! CAN YOU BELIEVE WE'RE THAT OLD??? It was at the beautiful Marriott in San Diego's Mission Valley. Lots of fun and great catching up. Click here to see one of the group photos. The next day, Jody Baumgaertel had a follow-on party for the "Dining Divas."

40 Years Plus One Gathering- Saturday Afternoon - October 15, 2005
Our October 15th gathering at the Mission Bay Hilton was a great success! Lots of fun seeing old classmates, plus lots of entertaining stories from school and and later years. As the sun set, some stayed at the Hilton for dinner while a self-proclaimed "rowdy bunch" descended upon the Old Town Mexican Cafe. Click here to see pictures of the gathering at the Hilton, the Old Town Cafe bunch, and a side party of the "Dining Divas" at Jody Baumgaertel's in La Mesa. Contributing photographers were Jeanie Faulkner, Jill Leland, Jody Baumgaertel. (BTW, Jody wanted to make sure all the women in our class know they are automatically invited to be a Dining Diva. The purpose is to have a fun time swapping stories and laughing at all the stuff that seemed so important back in '64. Contact Jody to find out about the next get together.) Again, many thanks to Mike Hateley, Dianne (Mentzer) Pornish & Steve Hager for all their work in putting this great event together and for keeping our class spirit alive! Stay tuned for more upcoming get togethers, some of which were suggested and "promised" as the evening (and drinks) progressed. Our "collective" 60th birthday party was one of those ideas. Other get-together ideas are welcome!!

Class of '64, '65, ' 66, and '67 Interclass Picnic on August 16, 2008 (10:30 AM to 5:00 PM)
The Class of '66 Alumni Committee put together a fun, interclass picnic for all of us in the coolest classes -- all the classes who were at Grossmont when we were seniors! It was lots of fun seeing (and trying to recognize) everyone from the days we were all on campus together!


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